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Lemme Engineering, Inc. - Planning, Engineering and Surveying for the future!

Lemme Engineering Inc. is a professional engineering and surveying firm established in 1978 and has offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Parker, Arizona established in 1989.

The Company was incorporated to provide a full service of professional planning, land surveying, engineering and construction layout. We have staffed and tailored our services to meet the needs of the public agencies and the private development community.

Lemme Engineering Inc. uses state of the art technologies and a staff that has many years of experience with which to meet your engineering, surveying and design needs. Our company provides technical excellence in the field through the use of Global Position Satellite Equipment and total station survey instruments and in professional engineering and surveying analysis in our design, planning and management team of Registered Engineers, Registered Land Surveyors, Designers, and Computer Aided Drafters.

Lemme Engineering recognizes that the real key to its success is to provide our clients a quality product and service delivered in a timely and economical manner. Each of our projects is approached on a team basis to maximize the expertise of each team member implementing imaginative solutions to engineering problems which result in the best product at the most economical price.